Small Habitat in Suburbia

The Marine Blue Leptotes marina, the Marine Blue, is a petite, gossamer-winged butterfly whose territory includes southern California. As with many butterfly species, L. marina’s random and unpredictable flight trajectory is an example of an evolved strategy intended to confound predators. A butterfly will encounter many mortal challenges during its lifespan. Most do not make… Continue reading Small Habitat in Suburbia

Two Widows: The Native and The Carpetbagger

Brown widow spider (Latrodectus geometricus) egg sacs

Certain spider webs appear to have been spun by an arachnid with a talent for asymmetrical design. One spider that creates what might look like a web without a balanced plan is the Black Widow Latrodectus hesperus. I have seen a couple of these spiders in my yard after dark, suspended motionless from a web created using my cats’ outdoor… Continue reading Two Widows: The Native and The Carpetbagger