November: Hill and Hawk Canyons

The light in autumn has its precise angles. It offers a sharpness, a clarity not encountered in the haze of summer. But fall, when life folds back into itself, to die or become dormant, to rest and rebuild, is a season that may appear to lack complexity, as if some of the depth that was… Continue reading November: Hill and Hawk Canyons

A Long-horned Bee: Subgenus Synhalonia

A male Synhalonia warming up for flight

Long-horned bee species that are active in the spring to early summer are in the genus Eucera. Synhalonia is the only subgenus of Eucera present on the North American continent. Synhalonia comprises 55 species, with most of them occurring in the western states. The three bees featured here might be of the same species, but… Continue reading A Long-horned Bee: Subgenus Synhalonia


I stand on a river bank, the swirling waters beckon. A bright yellow circle, two eyes, a mouth, no nose, rushes by. The original, the prototype, the progenitor, the first smile. More neon flavors follow, faces slicing the virtual current. What symbol is my avatar, my vessel, my surrogate? Shall I posit myself in a… Continue reading Smile-O-Byte

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