The Sapient Ones

One day the sapient stepped away from the sentient declaring:
“Let us be self-aware and luxuriate in a conscience to some degree!”
We created myths to define the truth of how this came to be,
Spoken words, written words; textured, lovely words to explain
How we found ourselves in possession of a throne on earth.
We thought it wise to extirpate the wild and exploit the wilderness.
After all, our words designated paradise as ours to destroy.
Our deity told us that all living things existed to serve us.

We packed a picnic basket and scanned the horizon in anticipation.
Deliverance. Meantime, we authorized him to authorize us to kill 
Our enemies. Those who did not look like or disagreed with us,
Those who were starving, but had nothing in value to trade.
We would break our god’s rivals as if they were our own.
When the basket was empty we gnashed our teeth in lieu of words.



Categorized as Poetry

By S. Felton

S. Felton is a writer, photographer and amateur naturalist.

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