Swallowtail Butterfly

Photo of Swallowtails on Mesa Peak
Swallowtail butterflies on Mesa Peak, April 2018

The beginning of this collage dates back to April, 2018. I was on Mesa Peak where lots of Swallowtails were congregating. They are very fast and acrobatic fliers, impossible to photograph with a simple camera. I resorted to the video feature in my camera phone to catch some video from which I might later be… Continue reading Swallowtail Butterfly

Santa Monica Mountains and Conejo Open Space

Blooming in partly shaded sun on a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains

Video: In the Terroir – 2018 Last summer I participated in a trail running challenge that involved completing 15 climb “segments” at various spots throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. My process was to run/walk each climb segment to as fast as I could, then slow it down to explore what was living on the trail. I took… Continue reading Santa Monica Mountains and Conejo Open Space

Narrowleaf Color Study

A cluster of Narrowleaf milkweed blossoms in beyond the Milky Way.

Pictures based on photos of Narrowleaf milkweed that I took while exploring Santa Monica mountain trails this summer. I stop for flowers and pods.