A scorched Coast Live Oak that survived the Woolsey Fire, Conejo Open Space - November 2019

The mother the daughter and the What is that empty space? We need to fill it. Fill it up with explanations that amaze our self-regard. Here are compound eyes flecked with the dust of stars made by… Matter is a pickle, or is this pickle omnipotent, like energy, like the predestined, the chosen by What… Continue reading Cipher

Winter – 2020 Trail Observations

Bobcat, Los Robles West, Conejo Open Space, Thousand Oaks, CA

Things derive their being and nature by mutual dependence and are nothing in themselves. —Nāgārjuna, second-century Buddhist philosopher The Meditation (My Trip into Crazy Town) Truth is a provisional construct, the integrity of which is only as good as the reliability of the source. We all know this on some level. Without some basic agreement… Continue reading Winter – 2020 Trail Observations

Pacific Pea and California Hedge Nettle

Photo of Pacific Pea, blue-hued flowers on the Backbone trail in the Santa Monica Mountains (January 2020)

Etz Meloy is one of my favorite trails, but I decided to hike Backbone in the opposite direction yesterday. I followed the trail until it came to an intersection with the Zuma Ridge trail, then continued on Zuma Ridge up to Buzzard’s Roost, then turned back and retraced my steps. Just after I started walking,… Continue reading Pacific Pea and California Hedge Nettle

Urbane Digger Bee and Sleeping on Flowers

An Urbane Digger male asleep on a leaf tip

Among the several native bee species that showed up to forage for pollen and nectar in our yard this summer was the Urbane Digger bee, Anthophora urbana. The first individual I observed was working the flowers on a couple of large Cleveland Sage (Salvia clevelandii) shrubs that I planted three years ago. Cleveland Sage is… Continue reading Urbane Digger Bee and Sleeping on Flowers