I stand on a river bank, the swirling waters beckon. A bright yellow circle, two eyes, a mouth, no nose, rushes by. The original, the prototype, the progenitor, the first smile. More neon flavors follow, faces slicing the virtual current. What symbol is my avatar, my vessel, my surrogate? Shall I posit myself in a… Continue reading Smile-O-Byte

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A scorched Coast Live Oak that survived the Woolsey Fire, Conejo Open Space - November 2019

The mother the daughter and the What is that empty space? We need to fill it. Fill it up with explanations that amaze our self-regard. Here are compound eyes flecked with the dust of stars made by… Matter is a pickle, or is this pickle omnipotent, like energy, like the predestined, the chosen by What… Continue reading Cipher

The Sapient Ones

One day the sapient stepped away from the sentient declaring:“Let us be self-aware and luxuriate in a conscience to some degree!”We created myths to define the truth of how this came to be, Spoken words, written words; textured, lovely words to explainHow we found ourselves in possession of a throne on earth. We thought it… Continue reading The Sapient Ones

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The Petition

A Gray Hairstreak forages for nectar

The Petition Come evening a keening sound in the wilderness, A call for the divine sloth to end her sad deliberation. So many stout branches await her grasp. Dusk it is then, for the Anthropocene and its apex predator, For the brain that wrote itself an infinite loop and Conjured up a deity in its… Continue reading The Petition